Investment & Services

Model Call

Now that you're excited about having a session you want to know the details, right? RIGHT!. 

As I said in the email, you are under NO obligation to purchase anything.  If you want to purchase the photographs from your awesome session, I have specially designed collections!

Once you've completed your order, it will take about 2-4 weeks for the lab to complete their magic and then it's delivery day!!

Collections and Ala Carte items are available.  Collections begin at  $600

Ala Carte products available as well. 

*plus PA sales tax

Sugar & Spice

We all have a little spice in the sugar, show off the spice from your shoot:

5 matted prints (4x6, 5x7, 8x8 or 8x10)

4x6 Accordian brag book.


Walk on the Wild Side

You've already taken a walk on your wild side, now you have the evidence to prove it.

Basic Album

4x6 Accordian Brag Book

Photo Shelfie


Sweet & Sexy

Show off your sexy self - even if only to yourself

10 matted images in a keepsake box

4x6 Accordian Brag Book

Medium Album


Celebrate YOU

Even if you're the only one who looks at these images - celebrate you! You are beautiful and lovely!

Upgraded Album

5 Matted Images

Photo Shelfie