Trish is passionate about empowering people and pets - helping them to create gorgeous wall art that will great memory joggers and conversation starters for years to come. 

Some of her earliest memories are of capturing pictures at holidays or when relatives came to visit. Her most prized possessions are the old framed photographs she has of her parents and grandparents. Often, photographs aren't for us, but for the next generation.  Let Trish help you create those heirlooms today. 

Enough about her, now let's talk about me!  I'm Wootle, a short-hair domestic cat. Trish is my person. She thinks I'm her cat, but you know how deluded these humans are.....

Anyway, I picked her when she came into the rescue shelter in Florida over 10 years ago.  She's given me a good life, but not nearly enough food. My shelter sister Nut picked her first and made her come back to the shelter to pick me up.  I manage her studio, and keep things running smoothly. You really should book a session - she's a lot of fun when she's shooting and does some great work. She will consult with you before, during and after the shoot. 

When you come to the studio you probably won't see me, I like to work behind the scenes. My sister Jazzy will probably be there (she's the black one) to greet you. She annoys me, but generally she's okay.  Sherman (the gray and white one) will be there too. He's the latest edition to the family. I don't know why....


What Clients are Saying

From Steph

Trish is amazing, our Before the Bridge photo shoot with our Gretchen was so much fun. We lost Gretchen before our pictures were done, we are so grateful to Trish for fitting us into her schedule when she did. Trish was very understanding and compassionate about what we were going through and really did an awesome job in providing us with so many amazing memories of our Gretchen. We not only found somebody to preserve our memories, but better yet, we found an amazing new friend in Trish. Thank you so much!

From Melanie

Trish is a very talented photographer. She's done outdoors shoots with me and my little one, both when she was 1yo and 2yo and got some absolutely precious shots (not so easy with a toddler!) She also took very nice photos for a family reunion of my family who hadn't been together in many years, even recreating a photo of my sister and I from our childhood. I've also had opportunity to take pictures (for fun) alongside Trish and, in doing so, have been able to see the immense care she takes with every single shot.

Mary Ann

Trish has done photo shoots with my cats. Needless to say, they do not like to sit still and follow posing directions. Yet she manages to catch the essence and individuality of each one. Her pictures make me smile. I have a number of prints of my furry children on my walls. I have also seen her work with horses, alpacas, sheep and dogs. Trish has a magic touch! You can not go wrong choosing Images by Trish to take the pictures you want to cherish forever.