Are you a pet parent too?

Mine are my Family! Only the best for them - they wouldn't have it any other way.....

Would you read that headline?  Is she serious – only the best would be more treats – MOOOOREEE TREATS!  Sherman here:

My mama – she does love taking pictures of animals, even those that aren’t us. She has a soft spot for rescues – all of us are rescues you know…..

She wants to create those memories so you can remember just how cute we are when we break that heirloom vase (but if you hadn’t put it on the high shelf, I wouldn't have had to push it off).

She also wants to make sure you don’t forget us when we’re gone (as if you could…..).

Come to the studio, there are some great smells and things to investigate until everyone is ready to shoot. You’ll love it. The thunder paper is really fun to play behind.  Ask me how I know.

Do you buy the best for your pet – food, toys, care?  You treat them like a part of your family. You have conversations with them and they answer you back (maybe that’s just me?).  Get their portraits done just like any other member of your family. Contact Me to schedule your shoot!

In my world, my children have four furry feet. As you would expect, I love taking pictures of them. Treat them just as you treat other members of your family – memorialize them in photos.

If your pet is terminal, I offer Before the Bridge Sessions 

Your pets are welcome in my studio, but they are generally more comfortable in familiar surroundings be that your home, or your favorite field. Each animal is different, and I allow them to dictate the session. Pet sessions are longer than people sessions due to the time it takes for an animal to get comfortable with a stranger (but really, I’m no stranger than anyone else).