These are my collections. Ala Carte Items are Available as well. My niche genres have specific collections, but all collections are available to all genres.

Boudoir Investment Guide

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Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection – $3663

  • 40x60 Mounted Print
  • 3 - 16x24 Mounted Prints
  • 10x10 10 page Album
  • 6 Gift Prints
Gold Collection

Gold Collection – $2099

  • 20x30 Mounted Prints
  • 3 - 11x14 Mounted Prints
  • Canvas Cluster
  • 6 Gift Prints
Silver Collection

Silver Collection – $895

  • 16x24 Mounted Print
  • 6 Gift Prints

Some key information about some of my most popular products.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Gallery wrap is a method of stretching an artist's canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.

Gallery wrap is a very popular way to display art. Framing isn't required and the artwork is ready to hang.


A good gallery wrap consists of the following qualities:

  • Tight Stretch: Good gallery wraps are stretched tightly over the stretcher bars to maintain a flat, unaltered image. On canvases that are not tightly stretched, waves or bumpy areas, especially on areas around the stretcher bars, can be seen and felt.
  • Hand Stretched: Hand stretched canvases are the best option because this reduces the possibility of over-stretching. Machines may over stretch the image, causing rips or breaks in the ink of the image. Hand stretched canvases also allow for humans to align the image in a more visually appealing way, being sure not to cut off any parts of the main image which a machine would not be able to detect.
  • Clean Staples: On the back of the canvas, good gallery wraps are stapled cleanly and securely.
  • Clean Folds: Good gallery wraps have clean folds on the edges. You can see the nice folds on the corners that show they are hand stretched, but no extra pieces of canvas are sticking out or causing extra lumps under the image.
  • Solid Wood Stretcher Bars: Good quality wraps should have a good foundations. Solid wood stretcher bars provide a good base for stretching and keep the canvas from bowing or bending over time.

The labs I work with provide high quality canvas gallery wraps. I have samples at the studio you can take a look at. 

Albums & Books

These aren't your father's photo albums - we're not talking about snapshots going into adhesive pages with a celophane cover.

Luxurious yet affordable, your album is carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. Curated cover fabrics, book jackets, and cover bands provides an elegant presentation of your portraits and images.

If an album isn't your style photo books are another option to show off your photo session, while protecting your images for years to come. 

Desk Prints

You want to show off your images at work, but you don't have the room to hang a large canvas. The perfect option for you is desk or gift prints. These are prints that are 8x10 or smaller. Perfect for desk frames or other type of display. 

Unlike an image just printed on photo paper, I have my prints mounted on matboard or styrene to add extra durability to the prints. 

You can also store your prints in an attractive heirloom box. No matter what you choose - the important thing is to display them!